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Function: 1 bottle (200ml)
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Turns out hair salons use it to treat clients!

Leave-in serum for straight hair in seconds. Never go to the hairdresser to spend money.

With its own hair aroma, it smoothes frizz.

A touch of suppleness. One large bottle. Smooth, fragrant lotion for full hair.

  • This leave-in conditioner is a completely leave-in type.

This is because it uses a gentle, no-rinse absorption technology. It is not like ordinary conditioners with large molecular flakes. The first micrometer-sized bead structure.

  • It takes only 3 seconds for the hair to be completely absorbed.

No more fear of nutrients being washed away. Hair blows straight out. Hair doesn't stick after blow-drying. Comb all the way through. Soft and fresh.

  • Unlike traditional thick and heavy conditioners.

It is easy to apply and spread. Very light and fine. It penetrates the hair very easily.


Applicable quantity :
General volume: 200 ml
  • 1 × A touch of magic hair care
Yanjiayi  (A touch of magical hair care)

Yanjiayi (A touch of magical hair care)


Yanjiayi (A touch of magical hair care)

Function: 1 bottle (200ml)